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TV Streaming Sites & The Real Cost of TV

After discovering TV streaming sites,  I decided to do some research into the cost of traditional cable and satellite TV service.  I’m sure none of this will surprise you, which is exactly why Internet TV has become so popular.

The average cable bill in the United States is now over $75 per month- for “standard” cable TVservice.  This does not include things like phone, internet, and other services.  I’m sure a lot of you are thinking “I WISH mine was only that much”.  I hear you- mine was substantially more than that too. That’s why I decided to give TV streaming sites a try.

If that isn’t enough, these rates are increasing at an average rate of 11% a year and it seems that as more people watch TV on the Internet, the higher that percentage is becoming.   Web TV has now taken a large enough bite out of Big Cable’s bank account that the cost are skyrocketing like never before.

With premium services and PPV, it’s certainly not uncommon to receive a $200 or $300 cable bill and, have yo…

TV Streaming Sites- What I Discovered

TV streaming sites- if you’ve been looking for an alternative to the expensive cable TV and satellite companies like I was, then I am glad you found my site. I was not prepared for the discoveries I made. Click here to see what finally worked for me.

TV Streaming Sites- What I Discovered While I had cretainly heard of TV streaming sites, I had never really paid any attention to them. We’ve all heard the phrase “internet quality video” which basically means it’s bad, right? Then there’s selection- I figured that anything that was on the internet wasn’t really something most people would enjoy watching. Obscure, off-the-wall “junk” is what I pictured. I thought that live TV channels over the internet just had to be a compromise, so I never bothered.

One Saturday afternoon after fetching our mail, my wife yelled “the cable bill went up again” and she also said that it was through a different company. Our monthly bill was already more than the GDP of some small countries and they raised …